1970년대 유성시외버스터미널 주변전경
History of Yuseong at a glance
- Historical studies have found that Yuseong was inhabited by ancestors from the Neolithic Age. During the Samhan Period, Sinheunguk, one of the 54 tribal states of Mahan, was located at Mt. Bingye, which is currently between Gyesan-dong and Hakha-dong of Yuseong-gu.
- Baekje, founded along the Han River, conquered Mahan around the 3rd Century B.C., spreading its powers to the South Coast and moving the capital city to Ungjin. Daejeon at that time was called Usul-gun, and, under the greatest influence of Baekje among the three ancient empires, was a military strategic point.
• Baekje to Joseon
• Was a part of Nosaji-hyeon, Usul-gun during the Baekje Empire, Yuseong-hyeon, Bipung-gun during the Silla Unification, Deok-hyeon during the Goryeo Dynasty, and Deok-gun during the Joseon Dynasty.
• 1910s
- On March 1, 1910, the Japanese Government General’s Order #111 merged the districts of the province. As a result, Hoedeok-gun, Jinjam-gun, and Hyeonnae-myeon of Gongju-gun were merged to create Daejeon-gun.
- On October 1, 1910, the Myeon system was created to establish Daejeon-myeon of Daejeon-gun.
• 1930s
- On March 1, 1930, Daejeon-myeon of Daejeon-gun was promoted to Daejeon-eup. On October 1, 1917, the Japanese Government General’s Order #112 eliminated Daejeon-gun as soon as Daejeon-eup was promoted to Daejeon-bu.
The areas outside Daejeon-bu were renamed Daedeok-gun and Yuseong, and became a part of Daedeok-gun.
• 1940s
- When Korea was liberated on August 15, 1945, it was governed by the U.S. Military Administration for 3 years from November of that year until the foundation of the Korean Government on August 15, 1948. Daejeon-bu continued to exist.
- On August 15, 1949, Legislation #32 (declared on July 4, 1949) was enacted to create the Local Administration Act to change Daejeon-bu to Daejeon City.
• 1970s
- On July 1, 1973, the Presidential Ordinance #6543 was declared to promote Yuseong-myeon to Yuseong-eup.
• 1980s
- On January 1, 1989, Legislation #4049 (declared on December 31, 1988) was enacted to promote Daejeon City into a directly governed city and created Yuseong-gu.
• 1990s
- On August 27, 1994, Yuseong-gu and four other tourist destinations were designated as special tourist districts by the Korean Government.
- On January 1, 1995, Legislation #4789 (declared on December 20, 1994) was enacted to change the name of the Daejeon Directly Governed City to Daejeon Metropolitan City.
• 2000s
Added Noeun-dong, Gwanpyeong-dong, and Wonsinheung-dong as supporting cities of the Sejong Special Self-governing City with a population of 320,000.