Vision of our district’s administration
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Vision of the policies

A desirable future that all public officials, who were elected by the 7th popular vote, hope to realize


It implies a will of the 350 thousand residents of the Yuseong district, having a sense of ownership and participation, thereby making Yuseong-gu a even better place day after day, and to lead the era of self-government and decentralization, thinking its residents as the top priority.

Keynote of the policies

Base ideology or principle that should be considered when drawing up or deciding a policy

better governance
Leading self-government and decentralization
⇒ better governance

establishing a self-government and decentralization model having virtuous circle which is connected to the expansion of residents’ power and boosting the participation of residents in the process of deciding every policy including the preliminary stages of policy decision process ⇒ Leading the discovery of resident-friendly and creative policies while having autonomous power and responsibility

making better city
Leading the fourth industrial revolution
⇒ making better city

Connecting and combining the personnel and material infrastructure of Daedeok Innopolis, which is a strategic asset accumulated over 40 years, with the local society as much as possible in order to use them as a practical growth drive for the administration of gu-district ⇒ Actively reflecting the change and innovation which correspond to the spirit of the fourth industrial revolution

Strategic objective

residents-centered self-government decentralization

  • Establishing the local community support center
  • Creating places of town community(5 places in the jurisdiction of Yuseong-gu)
  • Creating platform for the participation of residents and improving residents participatory budgeting
  • Permanent establishment of the committee on the preparations for the residents festival by dong-area

Dynamic regional economy

  • Creating a startup town over the whole area ranging from Gung-dong to Eoeun-dong and establishing general support center
  • Creating a family-type spa theme park
  • Creating a cultural art street across the whole area

Best education focusing on personality education

  • Supporting contents development for infants play and science education
  • Expanding the project to foster teenagers, and the one to help them enter university or business
  • Increasing the university cooperating project to solve local problems and supporting its educational process
  • Operating program with an aim to gather the youth and the senior citizens in a place

Safe and healthy city where everyone can live well

  • Establishing civil environmental monitoring organization and reinforcing the supervisory authority about nuclear facility
  • Operating food general support center and establishing school meals support center
  • Creating urban families shelter(camping site) by using abandoned land
  • Creating walking trail, hiking trail and healing forest, which can be accessed within 10 min by walk